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Turkey Quesadillas With A Kick

Turkey Quesadilla


  • Mix cream cheese with onion, pepper, 1/2 cup of whole cranberry sauce, 1 cup of Mexican blend cheese and 1 TB of Alaga’s Hot Sauce.

  • Spread two flour tortillas with the above mixture.

  • Add leftover turkey.

  • Take a skillet, add butter, and when it melts, cook the quesadilla on both sides until lightly browned and crispy and cheese is melted. 


Cut into wedges and enjoy!


Stock image photo. Not actual recipe photo.




Flour tortillas


Softened cream cheese


Leftover turkey


Diced purple onion


Diced red pepper


1 cup Mexican blend cheese


1/2 cup whole cranberry sauce


1 TB Alaga Hot Sauce



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