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Dark Chocolate Truffles

Dark Chocolate Truffles



1) Place 15oz of milk chocolate in bowl


2) Heat cream until it boils, then pour over chocolate, let sit for 1 min


3) Slowly stir in Chambord 3) Pour into container and place in refrigerator until chocolate hardens


4) Scoop out truffles, roll in between hands to make a ball


5) Place back into refrigerator to set


6) Melt the other 1lb of chocolate and roll truffles into the chocolate


7) Place the final coated and dressed truffles back in the refrigerator for a short period of time to set up.


Serve and enjoy!



Stock image photo. Not actual recipe photo.


1 lb. and 15 oz. High Quality Dark Chocolate (put aside 1 lb. for later use)


6 oz. Additional Chocolate For Coating


4 1/2 Tblsp. Butter


3/4 Cup Heavy Cream


1 1/2 Tblsp. Light Corn Syrup


3/8 Cup of  Chambord Liqueur (or liquer of your choice)


1 Cup of Topping: You can use either toasted coconut, ground pistacios or ground pecans. Place your topping choice in a small container and set aside.


Makes about 26 - 2 oz. balls.



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